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Team work makes the dream work

Beautiful ideas like butterflies, buzzing and connecting across the world like bees and spreading happiness with emotions soaring like robins. That’s us.

Connecting people across the world in the familiar embrace of warmth, sentiment and lasting emotion is what we set out to do a decade ago.

Over the last few years, our small steps have resulted in us creating a capability of connecting people across 185 countries. Over 13 million people and 4 million gifts later, we still remain excited about the endless expanse of human emotions. Expressed in wines , flowers, gift baskets and more. Across several age groups, we have had a small but vital role in strengthening the tug of love, respect and endearment. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, to everyday, we stand by the side of everyone who wants to make a little gesture and connect with each other.

Gifting Inc has five descriptions, five faces of online gifting and knowledge to some. In GiftsnIdeas, PickupFlowers, WinestoGift, Business Gestures and Gift Holler, for users to experience our reach and service.



13 Million

Happy Customers

4 Million

Gifts Delivered

Our Core Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Gifting Inc we believe in teamwork for creating something unique and special for our customers. Meet the team who work everyday to make your dreams into a reality.


Rishi Yadati

Founder & Director


Gifting Inc and you.

It’s like saying gifts and you. When do you start with us, where do you begin this journey of online gifting, reaching out and touching someone with gifts of love, respect or recognition. Ask us and we would say “NOW”. Why wait for a good occasion or a Monday or a Christmas. Love has never has a good time or date. We are all eternally blessed with it. Sharing it, gifting it is what we enable. Discover us. Know us. Experience us.

Our Corporate Philosophy

To build an organization that strives to benefit customers, business associates, employees and shareholders by encouraging high aspirations, new ideas, openness and entrepreneurship.


Spreading happiness in the life events of global customers and making them memorable by giving culturally relevant and exclusive gift suggestions along with ubiquitous and convenient shopping experiences.


· Put the Customer First. Make decisions in the best interest of customers.

· Be passionate towards delivering a great customer experience.

· Collaborate with all our business associates to create a win-win relationship.

· Take personal accountability to achieve the company's goals.

· Foster a healthy relationship with customers, business associates and employees.

· Respect all individual values and culture across the globe.

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