If you have a website and want to supplement your income, join the Gifting Inc Affiliate Program today! Sell flowers, floral baskets,gift baskets and other unique floral arrangements accompanied by such gifts like soft toys and keepsakes deliverable to more than 180 countries and start earning commissions with each sale.
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Why Join Gifting Inc International Flower and Gift Delivery affiliate Program?

  • Better Earnings to Affiliates: We help affiliates to earn better by offering reasonable commission rates, better conversions, suitable campaign models.
  • Better service: We assist affiliates to help implement the campaigns quickly and effectively, evaluate performance and provide customizable service options, more options to promote, technical assistance, variable tracking technology and flexible payment structure.
  • Benefits to your customers: We satisfy affiliates by providing benefits to the customers referred by affiliate in different ways like offering discounts, exclusive campaigns to delight their subscribers and in more ways.
  • Competitive advantages: We help affiliate to improve and grow by providing advantages like offering a specific category of products to meet the needs of their customers etc.,

Program features

  • Gifting Inc offers the Industry’s best pay-out rates over the internet compared to any other competitive websites.
  • The Gifting Inc International Flower and Gift Delivery Affiliate Program is FREE.
  • Gifting Inc offers a full line up of best and unique products including floral arrangements, Gift Baskets, Planted arrangements, Centerpieces and wreaths, designed by the top rated designer local florists around the world.
  • We have 60 days cookie so that you benefit from purchases of your repeat customers at Gifting Inc during the next 60 days.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager for updating new links, banners, and other promotional material besides providing support to optimize and enhance your affiliate revenue.

You can contact us through Email or by phone.
Above all, International Flower and Gift Delivery Affiliate Program is easy to join!

Email Us: info@giftinginc.com

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